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Hosford Clinic Offers Free Services 

Hosford Clinic interiorThis past Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to receive a tour of Hosford Counseling and Psychological Services Clinic from Alise Cogger. Cogger is a senior graduate student with the Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology department of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.

Cogger greeted me in the reception area and introduced me to the friendly front desk staff. I was then introduced to Dr. Heidi Zetzer, Director of the Hosford Clinic. I continued on the tour of the clinic, viewing treatment and intake rooms along the way.

There were a couple of rooms that immediately caught my eye because of the colors and decorations. It turns it out they are the clinic's children's rooms. Guess I know why I was so attracted to them immediately, as I have a young daughter. Along the way I noticed there were small cylindrical,  fan-looking objects on the floor. When we reached the end of the tour I inquired about them and Cogger told me that they are used to create enough noise outside the room to keep others in the hallways from listening to the discussions in the rooms, but they're quiet enough not to interrupt the sessions inside either. It almost made me want to get one for my future "Man Cave."

All jokes aside, the tour was very enlightening. I was able to hear about the services offered by the Hosford Clinic, not only to UCSB students and their families, but also to the local community.

Hosford has a very affordable rate plan for the services offered to students ($15 per session), which could help those students usually referred to our local community for their long-term mental health concerns. Both Cogger and Dr. Zetzer were extremely hospitable and answered every question I asked them.

One of those questions was what is the major difference between Hosford's services and the ones that Counseling Services offer? As I understood it, the Counseling Services department is more adequately trained for assistance to students in crises, usually of a more immediate type; and the Counseling Services department is available to students only, for no fee.

The Hosford Clinic provides mental health treatment for a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and parenting issues. The clinic is staffed by graduate students in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) at UC Santa Barbara. CCSP faculty members supervise the students; licensed faculty members also see clients.

Additionally, Hosford Clinic is offering FREE intakes for families. Intakes include an initial phone interview to assess whether the person calling in can be assisted with any of Hosford's resources. After the initial phone interview, there is an in-person interview that may last a couple of hours. During this time the stafff at the clinic are simultaneously making assessments while maintaining an open environment suitable for the needs of their visitors. The process is not meant to be invasive or intrusive, but rather used to better assist their visitors. I think you'll find conversing with any of their staff members to be an enjoyable experience. Waiving of the intake service fee is extremely beneficial during these times of financial and mental health necessity.

Hosford Clinic is here to assist the community of students, staff and other locals in addressing some of their issues that need a more prolonged counseling schedule to better serve the individual. As a graduate student the anxiety and depression of needing to meet our degree milestones alone can be difficult to deal with for many of us, and Hosford is here to help.

For more information on Hosford Counseling and Psychological Services please click on the following link:

Hosford Counseling and Psychological Services Clinic




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