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No Immediate Tuition Increase, UC Official Says

We received word from a representative of the University of California Office of the President that UC administrators will not seek an immediate tuition increase in the wake of the new state budget signed by Gov. Jerry Brown late Wednesday.

A meeting of the UC Regents is scheduled for mid-July, and it had been expected that they would raise tuition by 6%. However, the California budget includes a financial incentive by the state Legislature to avoid tuition hikes if voters approve a tax increase measure in November. As a result, UC President Mark G. Yudof has decided not to ask the regents for the increase, spokeswoman Dianne Klein told the Los Angeles Times.

For more information, read the Los Angeles Times article, “UC will not seek immediate tuition increase.”


Another Tuition Hike for UC Students

You probably are already feeling like this as a grad student:

Empty pocketsEven so, yesterday, the UC Regents passed a (gulp!) 9.6% tuition increase for the 2011-12 academic year—an increase on top of an already approved 8% increase for next year.  And, yes, this increase affects both graduate and undergraduate students at all UC campuses.

At this very same meeting, the UC Regents also approved pay raises for three of its executives, two of whom are paid from state funds.   Meanwhile, undergraduate education at UC campuses has more than doubled since 2005.

Read more here and here.

Student-led protests over this recent hike were sparse, most likely due to the summer break, but quite a few students and supporters showed their dissent for the tuition increase at various UC campuses and especially in San Francisco, where the Regents voted for the increase yesterday.

The UC Regents blamed California lawmakers for forcing the tuition hike, since they argued that they must find ways to compensate for a $1 billion shortfall in state funding.  Yesterday’s approved increase will apparently erase one-quarter of that shortfall. 

You can watch an edited version of the UC Regents meeting and subsequent press conference on these videos.