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Graduate Peers' Schedules

Summer 2015
Peer Advisor Availability

Professional Development Peer
Shawn Warner-Garcia

Mon-Thu: 10 a.m.-noon

Writing Peer & Funding Peer
Kyle Crocco

Mon, Wed: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Communications Peer
Melissa Rapp

Mon: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Wed: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Diversity Peer
Charles Williams

By appointment

The peers sometimes hold events or attend meetings during their regular office hours. To assure you connect with your Graduate Peer Advisor, we encourage you to contact them by email and make an appointment.



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Family Friendly Beer Tasting Rooms

Image courtesy of Captain Fatty'sEver wanted to go for a cold one but couldn't get a babysitter for your kids? Two local beer tasting rooms could be your suds salvation: Captain Fatty’s Craft Brewery and Pure Order Brewing Company. While all tasting rooms permit children on their premises, these two beer havens are particularly kid-friendly.

Captain Fatty's

If you’re in Goleta, Captain Fatty's Craft Brewery might just be the your hops haven. While you slowly savor one of the seven brews on tap, your little ones can play with all sorts of toys and games in the kids corner.


Thursday and Friday: 4-9 p.m.

Saturday: 3-9 p.m.

Location: 6483 Calle Real Unit D in Goleta. The entrance to the tasting room is in the back of their office, at the roll-up door.

Pure Order Brewing Company

When you need to go downtown to satisfy your drinking urges, Pure Order Brewing Company is just the place to find satisfaction. While you chill with a cold one at one of the assorted outdoor picnic tables, your children can play in the yard. The yard features piles of blocks and a bean bag toss as some of the play options.


Friday: 3-7 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: Noon-7 p.m.

Location: 410 North Quarantina Street, just south of Downtown Santa Barbara

Please note: Both locations do not serve food, but they do invite food trucks, so check the brewery web sites for what’s being served.


The Seven Best Views in Santa Barbara

Want to see the world a little differently? Check out some of best views on campus and in Santa Barbara.

Health Warning: Some of these views can be breathtaking.

Campus Point - for beautiful views of cliffs, beaches, and daring surfers.

Davidson Library Pacific View Room - the best reason to go to the library: great views of the campus and the Pacific.

Inspiration Point - you'll have to hike to get there, but the views are worth the exercise.

Santa Barbara Boardwalk - for views of beautiful people and beautiful landscapes.

Santa Barbara City College’s Winslow Maxwell Overlook - for bird's-eye views of the Channel.

Santa Barbara Courthouse - get a "full circle" view of the town you love.

Stearns Wharf - see the city like sailors do, framed against the Santa Ynez mountains.

Boardwalk viewsViews from the Santa Barbara boardwalk. Credit: Kyle Crocco


Best Coffee Shops in the Santa Barbara Area

Coffee CupHave you been looking for a new cup of brew or just a place to study that’s not your average corporate coffee shop (I'm talking to you, Starbucks)? If you have that sensation, then claim your coffee libation at some of the highest rated coffee shops in the Santa Barbara area (according to Yelp).

Isla Vista

Close to campus, you can fulfill all of your caffeine needs.

Bagel Café (For your morning coffee, bagel, and breakfast desires)

Café Equilibrium (Like crepes? You're in the right place)

Caje (Great tables to work outside)

Crushcakes & Café  (A full menu and cupcakes too, of course)

Coffee Collaborative (Good coffee in a low-key atmosphere)

IV Drip (They also serve fresh baked cookies and McConnell's ice cream, sometimes together)


Not far from campus, you can find some great places to study and consume a good cup.

XO Coffee & Tea Bar (Hand-crafted fresh pastries with your morning mojo)

Zizzo’s Coffee (Great sandwiches and happy hour beer and wine too)

Santa Barbara

If you're downtown, check out these cool places.

The Daily Grind Coffee & Tea Station (Santa Barbara's original coffee shop, great for studying)

The French Press (For those of you with a French flair)

Handlebar Coffee Roasters (If bicycles are your thing)

Santa Barbara Roasting Company (If you want just a cup or all the beans, this is the place for you)


Best Pizza in IV, Goleta, and Santa Barbara

Pizza sliceGet your pie on! Credit: openclipart.comHave a hankering for a good slice or maybe a whole pie? You can satiate your urges at some of highest rated pizza places in the Santa Barbara area (according to Yelp).

Isla Vista

Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza (Pizza the way you want it in 5 minutes)

Giovanni’s Isla Vista (An Isla Vista institution)

Pizza My Heart (Try their award winning pizzas!)

Woodstock’s Pizza (Cheese in the crust and they deliver)


Hollister Brewing Company (Good microbrews too)

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor  (Voted Best Pizza by the Santa Barbara Independent in 2014)

Santa Barbara

Lucky Penny (Wood fire pizza and craft beers!)

Olio Pizzeria (Finalist for Best Pizza by the Santa Barbara Independent in 2014)

Opal Restaurant and Bar (Homemade pizzas)

Persona Wood Fire Pizzeria (Their web page makes you hungry)

If you know of a better place or if you try one of these places and have an opinion, drop me a line at or comment below!


Best Affordable Bars in Goleta and Santa Barbara

Martini glassCredit: openclipart.comWant to go to a good and affordable bar? So do I. Here are some of the best rated and most affordable bars in Goleta and Santa Barbara (according to Yelp).


If you're in Old Town Goleta, you won't want to miss either of these two bars.

Mercury (When you need a dark, cozy place to drink.)

The Imperial (For when you are feeling a little swankier.)

In Between

The Bourbon Room (In between SB and Goleta is a great place for bourbon, American style food, and desserts.)

Santa Barbara

In downtown Santa Barbara, there are many choices, but here are the best and most affordable.

The Press Room (Great atmosphere. Always a crowd.)

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. (Located in the funk zone. There are great local brews on tap and generally free live music Fridays from 6 to 9 p.m.)

The Neighborhood Bar (Located in the Funk Zone. Voted SB's #1 Bar.)

Elsie's (For an intimate evening in SB.)

Bo Henry's (For dive bar lovers.)


10 Places to Eat Late in Santa Barbara

Moon and starsCredit: openclipart.comLike to eat late, but don't know where to go? Fear not! USA Today has come up with a list of the 10 best places in Santa Barbara to satisfy those late night hunger pains.


Eureka! Burger (For fancy burgers with all the fixings)

In N' Out Burger (For great basic burgers)

Mixing it up

Blue Agave (For Southwestern and Mediterranean urges, and for tequila)

Milk & Honey (great tapas selection)

Romanti-ezer (for Mexican food urges)

Most Affordable Options

After Dark (for late night options under $10)

Presidio Market Liquor & Grill (Ethnic dishes for under $10)


The Blue Owl (open late on Fridays and Saturdays)

Edomasa (for late night sushi)

Roy (For your upscale dinner urges between 6 p.m. and midnight)


Grad Students Keep Fit at the 2015 Gaucho Gallop Race

Graduate Division runners celebrating the race at Giovanni's. Photo courtesy of Kyle CroccoTo help promote the ideal of healthy living and wellness for our grad students, the Graduate Division sponsored 12 students for the 5k Gaucho Gallop and the Gaucho Challenge, which took place on Saturday, April 25.

Here are the total and per mile times for the runners and the Gaucho Challenge team's result.

Congratulations to all of the graduate students who participated. Keep running and stay healthy.

Runner Name/Total Time/Per Mile Time

Stephanie Fronk,  21:01,  6:46

Kyle Crocco, 22:05,  7:07

John Retterer-Moore, 23:14,  7:29

Ryan Dippre, 23:29,  7:34

Marc Steele, 23:30,  7:34

Stephanie Griffin, 25:10,  8:06

Iris Shin, 26:11,  8:26

Sarah Harris, 28:43,  9:15

Emma Parker, 31:34, 10:10

Danielle Guerra, 33:08, 10:40

Amanda Hurley, 33:09, 10:41

Gaucho Challenge Team (41:49)

Sarah Grundeen

Elmer Guzman

Start training now for the 2016 Gaucho Gallop race! Downtown Santa Barbara's Nite Moves series would be a great start. Or make use of our on campus recreation classes and facilities.


Cool Stuff to do in Santa Barbara Just a Click Away

Grads, are you looking for something fun to do? Or would you like to try something fun that is uniquely Santa Barbaran? Then you should click on the Visit Santa Barbara site.

On their site, you can find all the information you need on special offers, food and drink, beaches and parks, wine, outdoor recreation, a calendar of events, and everything that makes Santa Barbara special from food to film festivals.

Check it out now and thank me later.


Library Survey for NEW Grad Student Study Room Could Change Your Life

Did you know the Davidson Library renovation and expansion includes a project with dedicated space for graduate students?

The library is currently seeking input from graduate students like yourself about how they can best meet our needs for the new Graduate Student Study Room.

If you want your voice heard, please take the time to complete a very brief survey so the library can plan a space that will serve us well.

If you're interested in offering more detailed feedback, please include your name and e-mail address at the end of the survey. You may be contacted about setting up a focus group.

Davidson Library renovationYour study room will be in this building. Image courtesy of the Davidson Library


GradPost Peers Say Farewell to Arts & Lectures Karna Hughes

The GradPost said farewell and thanks to UCSB Arts & Lectures publicist Karna Hughes at the Roy Restaurant on Thursday, March 12.

She brought the life to our Life section. Thanks to her, we and other grad students were able to experience concerts like the Avett Brothers, film festivals like the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and comedians like W. Kamau Bell.

Karna Hughes will be moving on to her new position as Director of Communications at Visit Santa Barbara.

We wish you the best of luck in your new position.

Karna Hughes and Funding Peer Kyle Crocco at the Roy restaurant on March 12.