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Graduate Peers' Schedules

Summer 2015
Peer Advisor Availability

Professional Development Peer
Shawn Warner-Garcia

Mon-Thu: 10 a.m.-noon

Writing Peer & Funding Peer
Kyle Crocco

Mon, Wed: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Communications Peer
Melissa Rapp

Mon: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Wed: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Diversity Peer
Charles Williams

By appointment

The peers sometimes hold events or attend meetings during their regular office hours. To assure you connect with your Graduate Peer Advisor, we encourage you to contact them by email and make an appointment.



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Tedeschi Trucks Band Rocks the Arlington

Tedeschi Trucks BandTedeschi Trucks Band. Credit: Mark SeligerUCSB Arts & Lectures brought Grammy-award-winning Tedeschi Trucks Band to the Arlington Theater last Thursday night where they rocked a full house.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Tedeschi Trucks band, the core of the band's sound features Susan Tedeschi's powerful vocals and the excellent slide guitar of her husband, Derek Trucks.

Rolling Stone calls the band "equal parts Staks and Muscle Shoals without dilution of either." I call it really good jam band rock. Not surprisingly, Derek Trucks also moonlights in another jam band you may have heard of: The Allman Brothers.

During the concert, songs would start with a jamming riff or some noodling by Trucks and then the whole band would kick in, eventually building up to some searing lead slide guitar by Trucks.

You might expect a lead guitarist to be a wild man, but Trucks had a mild, nearly introverted stage presence. You sometimes wondered if the sounds he was producing were indeed from his guitar; however, if you closed your eyes, you could hear a very wild creature's genuine expression.

Trucks and TedeschiDerek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi. Credit: Tedeschi Trucks Band The Tedeschi Trucks band has a blues-based repertoire, but is not afraid to explore. While the songs are usually straight ahead blues-based rock, each player is given space to improvise or to be progressive. From 'out' jazz to what sounded like South Asian modes, the musicians in the band were not stuck in a rut. (Of course, great soul, RnB, and blues music can have a rut if played right).

Almost every member of the eleven piece group was given their individual moment to shine. The two harmony vocalists, Mike Mattison and Mark Rivers, both took center stage at times, co-leading vocals while Tedeschi strummed in the background. Trucks took a step back at one point, while keyboardist Kofi Burbridge went wild on keyboards, bringing out sounds that echoed Trucks' best work. Both drummers (yes, two drummers: Tyler Greenwell and J.J. Johnson) were given space to showcase their rhythms in an extended jam towards the end of the show. Even the brass players had their signature moment as Kebbi Williams wailed on saxophone during the closing songs and Maurice Brown soloed during the encore jam.

It wasn't all jams either. In the middle of the show, the stage cleared of most of the musicians to feature the soulful vocals and acoustic chops of Susan Tedeschi on her song Shelter.

Made Up Mind Album CoverBy the end of the show, most of the audience were on their feet asking for more. And that's exactly what Tedeschi Trucks Band delivered. Not being your average pop band, Tedeschi Trucks Band didn't come out and play the usual top hit from their catalog. Instead, they shared a new song "Let Me By" as their first song of the encore, and then ended with anather crowd pleasing jam song that kept everyone on their feet.

Tedeschi Trucks are touring in support of their Made Up Mind album.

The show was co-sponsored by Frederic E. Steck and the corporate season sponsor,

Alexander Sack contributed to this review.


Equipment Rentals for Adventurous Grads at UCSB Adventure Programs

Adventure Rental BannerAre you adventurous? Are you bold? Do you dare to go where no grad student has gone before but only lack the equipment to do it? Then check out UCSB Adventure Progams, who offer reasonably priced rental equipment for your camping, kayaking, hiking, surfing, or other adventure needs.

They have two rental centers and lots of equipment.

Adventure Rental Center

Hours: Mon, Wed, and Thu, from 4-6 p.m; Fri, from 3-5 p.m.

Location: UCSB Recreation Center Courtyard, 3025 Ocean Road.

Campus Point Rental Center

Hours: Sat - Sun, from 1-7 p.m.

Location: UCSB Campus Point, near the bathroom and surf shower. Parking is available in Lot #6 near the Marine Bio Complex.

For more information for both locations: Call 805-893-3737 or email


Pathways to Healing Helps Students Cope with IV Tragedy 

The Mental Health Peers at UCSB's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are helping students cope with the tragedy of the Isla Vista shooting last spring as part of a campus-wide "Pathways to Healing" program. Its website provides many resources for students working through their feelings about the tragedy. Students can find recommendations for managing grief, self-care tips, and a calendar of events and activities.

In addition to the "Pathways to Healing" website, CAPS is also holding drop-in workshops on Friday, October 17, and Tuesday, October 21, in the SRB Multipurpose Room. These drop-in workshops are safe places for students to talk about their feelings regarding the tragedy, and also provide students with guides for understanding the healing process.  


Free Flu Shot Fridays Begin October 10

It is flu shot season and those with Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) can get a free shot beginning on Friday, October 10.

Head over to Student Health between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. Because graduate students are often in classrooms and labs with a lot of students, a flu shot is a great idea. 

For more information, see the flu shot schedule.


New Resources for Family Students

If you are a grad student with children, the Graduate Division has developed two new resources for you!

Resource #1: GradSpace Page

GradSpace is a resource site for graduate students at UCSB. Currently, it is hosted on GauchoSpace. You'll find information about campus resources for students with children, parent support and education in the community, and childcare resources. Follow these steps to access GradSpace:

  1. Make sure that you have activated your UCSB NetID.
  2. Click here to enroll in the GradSpace community.
  3. Click on the "Family Students" tab.

Resource #2: Facebook Page

For more information, contact Shawn Warner-Garcia, Graduate Division's professional development peer advisor.


Arts & Lectures Introduces the 2014-2015 Season 

Montecito Country ClubArts & Lectures reception. Credit: Kyle CroccoUCSB Arts & Lectures introduced their 2014-2015 season at the Montecito Country Club on Thursday, June 12. Attendees, which included the press (e.g., your funding peer) and supporters of Arts & Lectures were lavished with free wine, wine glasses, and hors d'oeuvres (the bacon-wrapped goodies were especially tasty).

The 2014-2015 season of BOLD MOVES and BIG IDEAS will feature 62 events, including 25 Santa Barbara debuts, three world premieres, and two co-commissions by UCSB Arts & Lectures.

Highlights include The Joffrey Ballet, Matt Groening & Lynda Barry, Anne-Sophie Mutter with Yefim Bronfman & Lynn Harrell, Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Ina Garten, Audra McDonald, Hotel Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Kodo, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, and Magic Johnson.


Kyle CroccoFunding Peer Kyle Crocco at the Arts & Lecture event. Credit: Kyle CroccoThe new season kicks off Oct. 2 with an opening night celebration featuring legendary singer Tony Bennett.
Series subscriptions are now on sale. Single tickets can be purchased starting Saturday, Aug. 9, at 10 a.m.

Series subscriptions, season brochures, and more information are available at Arts & Lectures’ Ticket Office, online at or by calling 805-893-3535.


SubscriptionsCredit: Arts & Lectures


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Advice From a Graduating Ph.D. Student

In the following article, guest writer Ariel Schindewolf, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, shares what she wish she had known earlier in graduate school. Ariel also shared her advice in a previous GradPost article (Graduate School Tips for Success).  

As I get closer and closer to the finish line, I discover more and more things that make me think: "If only I had known sooner!" So, I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the new tricks that I have recently learned that can hopefully benefit you throughout your graduate school experience. 

Credit: Microsoft Office1) Use technology to save you time (and frustration). If you have a lot of tables and figures in your paper, these can, and should, be auto-numbered and auto-updated. I never realized this existed. You can do this in OpenOffice and Microsoft Word (see Automatic Table of Contents and Lists in MS Word). 

You can also create an automated table of contents. I recently removed the first section of one of my chapters in my dissertation and then I had to update ALL of my headings and subheadings in the table of contents because it changed the page numbering. Fortunately, this no longer needs to be done by hand. The automated table of contents feature tracks your headings and sub-headings and can update them automatically for you.

2) Get to Know the Graduate Division Peers. There is a writing peer on campus (Ryan Dippre). He can help you with the above items. I met with him multiple times and can attest to the fact that he is great. He read an entire chapter for my dissertation and gave me some positive feedback, which was a pleasant surprise. He also gave me some useful tips to improve my writing. It's nice to be able to discuss your writing with a third party individual who is invested in what you are doing and who is someone neutral that is not evaluating you. You can contact the Writing Peer by emailing: Another idea is to have writing partners or groups. 

Ariel Schindewolf website screenshotThe Graduate Division also has an Academic Peer (Torrey Trust), who helped me revamp my professional website ( A professional website is an important part of the job search these days. It's also a way to share your work and unique perspective with the world. Torrey helped me set and adhere to deadlines, which made the website project manageable for me. She could do the same for you!

Note: Torrey is graduating soon, but don't despair, the Graduate Division will be hiring a new Professional Development Peer in her place. 

3) Enjoy the journey! Getting a Ph.D. is definitely about the journey and the destination. As I get closer to graduation, I look back at all those times that I felt SO lost and worried that I might never make it and I feel sorry for my past-self. If only I could have completely believed that, in fact, at some point, my journey would all become clear. For me, my dissertation came to fruition by continuing to put one foot in front of the other and doing the work day in and day out, whether I understood why or not. For me, this has been a painful process of facing many of my own weaknesses, but I realize more and more that it's really related to the learning process. Learning anything new can just be challenging, but this challenge is why I'm here.

So, my advice is to keep on plugging - you may be in a dark, mysterious tunnel right now, just know that where you are is a normal part of this mysterious process. Trust yourself and keep going. 

Anyway, these are the lessons that this old dog has been learning lately. Hopefully, you might find something useful for yourself in here. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves in graduate school is to get the help we need. Resources are available to you now that may not be in the future; don't just ignore them. 

Con mucho cariño,



GSA Recognizes Dixon-Levy Service and Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

Torrey Trust, Dixon-Levy Service Award winner, and Justine Meyr, Excellence in Teaching Award winner, strike a pose. Credit: Kyle Crocco

On Tuesday, June 3, the Graduate Students Association (GSA) recognized the winners of the Dixon-Levy Service Award and the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Dixon-Levy Service Award winners

The Dixon-Levy Service Award is given to outstanding members of the university community who have unselfishly devoted themselves to the improvement of graduate student life. The winners are:

Dr. Jeanne Stanford, CAPS

Dr. Jeanne Stanford receives her Dixon-Levy Service award. Credit: Kyle CroccoDr. Jeanne Stanford is the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at UCSB. She has been involved in multiple projects that contribute to improving graduate student life, such as the SaySomething Campaign to prevent suicides on campus and the efforts to have physiological services available in student housing. She has also worked to improve the CAPS office to better serve diverse student populations, and as her nominator wrote, Dr. Stanford “has been vocal in addressing diversity issues at both the campus and UC levels in regards to psychological health, including those specifically related to experiences of oppression (e.g., racial/gender issues in predominantly white/male departments; issues of misused power in advisor relationships) as they operate within student lives.” Dr. Stanford has also been a strong advocate for the Mental Health Peers program on campus.

 Sharalyn Sanders, Comparative Literature

Sharilyn Sanders receives her Dixon-Levy Service award. Credit: Kyle CroccoSharalyn (or Shari) Sanders is a Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature. During her time at UCSB, she has been active within the graduate community, helping to organize many conferences and bring major speakers to our campus, co-founding the Humanimality Research Focus Group, and offering training on teaching sensitive issues as a co-lead TA in her department. Shari’s nominator commended her for her unselfish commitment to improving graduate student life, writing, “She doesn't do it for praise. She does it because she cares. It's for these reasons, and many more, that I believe Shari deserves to be recognized for the Dixon-Levy GSA Service Award.”


Torrey Trust, Graduate Division Academic Peer

Torrey Trust shows off her Dixon-Levy Service award. Credit: Kyle Crocco

Torrey Trust recently completed her Ph.D. in Education at UCSB. While at UCSB, Torrey served the graduate student community in many ways, such as being the Academic Peer Advisor in the Graduate Student Resource Center, regularly writing articles for the GradPost, serving on multiple committees within the Graduate Division and her academic department, creating GradSpace, and working to help expand the Graduate Student Showcase, just to name a few. Those who nominated Torrey for this award praised her work, with one of her nominators stating, “Torrey demonstrates a commitment to students, UC Santa Barbara, and the importance of higher education. She is highly dedicated to improving the life of graduate students.”


Excellence in Teaching Award winners

The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes the contributions of graduate students who have shown excellence in their role as a Teaching Assistant (or Teaching Associate) in the teaching mission of UC Santa Barbara. The winners are:

Humanities and Fine Arts

Brian Griffith (Winner)

Brian GriffithBrian Griffith (right). Credit: Gary Haddow

Silvia Ferreira (Honorable Mention)

Silvia FerreiraSilvia Ferreira (left). Credit: Gary Haddow

Social Sciences

Justine Meyr (Winner)

Justine MeyrJustine Meyr (right) receives the Excellence in Teaching award. Credit: Gary Haddow 

Summer Gray (Honorable Mention)

Summer GraySummer Gray (left). Credit: Gary Haddow 


Molly Metz (Winner)

Molly Metz (right). Credit: Gary Haddow 

Michael Nava (Honorable Mention; not pictured)

Teaching Associate

Angela Holtzmeister (Winner)

Angela Holtzmeister (right). Credit: Gary Haddow

Derek Smith (Honorable Mention)



Free Massages, Field Trips, Therapy Dogs, and More with UCSB Health & Wellness

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  ~World Health Organization, 1948

UCSB Health & Wellness LogoDid you know that UCSB Health & Wellness provides a variety of FREE services to help all students (including you!) improve their physical, mental, and social well-being? Here is a list of resources, services, and events offered by Health & Wellness:

The Health & Wellness website also features on-campus resources, off-campus resources, and a library of information

Credit: UCSB Health & Wellness 


Tips for Self-Care

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