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Interview with Social Media Guru Joe Sabado

Joe SabadoJoe Sabado

Social media tools can connect you with individuals, experiences, and opportunities worldwide. Joe Sabado, the Associate Director for Information Systems and Software Development for Student Information Systems and Technology (SIST) at UCSB, knows the value of social media tools as he has built a network of connections and information that has helped his personal and professional life thrive.

I recently interviewed Joe Sabado to learn more about his background using technology and how he uses social media tools to continue his personal learning and professional development. Here are his responses:

What is your main role at UCSB?

I oversee a team of developers, managers responsible for the development and integration of information systems and software applications for the departments and social media, mobile web and marketing within the Division of Student Affairs and Graduate Division. More information about my current responsibilities and volunteer activities that I have participated in at UCSB can be found here:

How long have you been using social media tools to build a professional network?

I would consider Twitter as my primary platform for building professional networks and I joined Twitter on August 9, 2010, with the handle @joesabado. I started my blog ( soon after that on October 21, 2010. I have since joined other platforms for professional networking and for personal learning. In addition, I opened my personal Facebook account sometime in April 2007, primarily to keep in touch with families and friends but I opened a separate professional account on January 2010. I initially had two separate accounts because I was worried about my professional and personal lives intertwined on Facebook. However, I deleted my personal account sometime in January 2011 as I realized at that point that while I had reservations about presenting my personal and professional lives as one, I saw this idea of having a “profersonal” identity as the future.

What are the top 5 social media tools you use and what are the benefits of each one?

1. Twitter

  • Real-time information including breaking news, events
  • Ability to connect with others, including experts & colleagues in my field

Web 2.0 IconsCredit:

2. Blog

  • I am able to share my thoughts on my areas of interest, expertise
  • Professional branding - I am able to build my digital identity/reputation via the blog posts I write. My personal brand is expertise in student affairs technology leadership.

3. Facebook

  • Ability to (re)connect with people in various parts of my lives. These include family members here in the U.S. and other countries, high school/college friends and professional colleagues at UCSB and those I met via Twitter.

4. Diigo

  • Very useful utility to bookmark web items (pages, pdfs, etc.) for curation. I have an automated process that imports my Twitter favorites to diigo which in turn is consumed via the RSS feed I present on the resources section of my blog. An example are the social media resources I find.

5. Google+

  • This new platform combines some of the best features of Facebook and Twitter. For one, just like Twitter, one can connect with others without mutual approval. It also provides more space for comments, updates like Facebook compared to the 140 character limits of Twitter.
  • It is integrated with other Google services like authentication, documents, email. In addition, Google+ has a feature called hang out which allows videoconferencing for multiple users. Recently, desktop sharing and video recording were added.

How have the connections you have made through various social media tools helped you in your personal/professional life?

Connections I have made via social media have been really beneficial in my personal and professional life. Personally, I have been able to maintain family connections and reconnect with friends in the past. Without social media, I would not be able to connect with family members in the Philippines.

Professionally, it has helped me significantly by providing me perspectives beyond what I physically see in my department and at UCSB. What we consider the “future” at work in terms of technology is actually the past for other organizations. For example, we are just barely starting to develop mobile web applications when other universities have had mobile websites for years.

While my formal position is in IT, I consider myself “a student affairs professional working with technologies” instead of “technologist working in student affairs” and my interests include multiculturalism, race, politics, culture, social issues, student development, topics that are typically not discussed every day in my daily work. The connections I have made with other student affairs professionals via social media allow me to participate in discussions around the interests I mentioned above.

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