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University of California Alianza MX is accepting applications for funding support for graduate student short-term research stays in Mexico. The organizers are hosting an info session on May 15, and the application deadline is June 16.

By Adrienne Tsikewa, Graduate Programming Assistant
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 - 9:26am

UC Alianza MX is accepting applications for funding that supports Short-Term Research stays in Mexico.

The purpose of the short-terms stays is for young scholars at the University of California to accomplish specific laboratory, library, or field research at partner institutions in Mexico. Students must be actively engaged in scholarly or scientific activities at an institution with an emphasis on using the stay to advance research and academic development.

The scope of the research activities should focus on topics that are specific to Mexico; topics on California-Mexico or US-Mexico relations; or topics of comparative analysis between Mexico and California or the United States. Research activities that also contribute to identifying binational solutions to strategically important challenges such as climate change, migration or public health will be given special consideration.


Open to all University of California graduate students who meet the following requirements:
1) enrolled in a masters or doctoral level program.
2) continuous enrollment in their program for at least one year by the time the proposed stays begins.
3) in good academic standing.
This program is ideal for students who have completed their required coursework and/or advanced to candidacy.

UC graduate students must be hosted by a faculty member or researcher who holds a full-time appointment at the host institution in Mexico. All applicants must provide an invitation letter from the host institution to undertake a short-term stay, as well as a project plan approved by both their UC faculty advisor and Mexican host. Short-term stays at host institutions may last from a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months.

Funds may be used to supplement existing fellowship support by covering local living expenses, round-trip travel to and from the host institution, monthly health insurance and visa fees. Total amount of the funds are based on the parameter of the proposed stay.

Travel: Up to $800 total toward the cost of one round trip to and from the host institution.
Living Expenses: $1,500 per month for up to three months
Short-term health insurance: $150 per month for up to three months, if not enrolled in UC SHIP during the term of the stay.

Students are eligible to receive funding for a maximum of two total short-term stays (the total duration of the combined stays may not exceed three months) and a maximum of one round trip travel to and from the host institution.

1) Short-Term Stay Application Form
2) Curriculum Vitae
3) Project Plan
4) Letter from the applicant's UC faculty advisor
5) Letter of intent from the MX host institution

Friday, May 15 at 11am
via Zoom
Meeting ID: 959 3054 9454

Friday, June 16

For additional information about this program, please contact:

Julio Sosa (
Academic and Research Programs Officer, UC Alianza MX