Graduate students are a core part of the research mission of the university, and the Graduate Division is committed to promoting academic excellence and success.

The Graduate Division's Academic Services team is available to help students, staff, and faculty with academic policy pertaining to graduate education at UCSB. This unit is responsible for processing petitions, committee nominations, advancement to candidacy, intake of theses and dissertations, conducting the degree checks to award all master’s and doctoral degrees, graduate commencement registration, and navigating academic performance and progress.

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Our Graduate Academic Counselor, Ryan Sims, is available to support students with their academic journey with in-person meetings, phone meetings, and workshops. Areas of support can include:

  • Academic goal setting and planning
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Time management skills
  • Balancing personal difficulties with academics
  • Campus mental health and other resource referrals
  • Confidence building strategies

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Ryan Sims, Graduate Academic Counselor


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Ryan Sims