UCSB strives to ensure a smooth transition for our international graduate students. The Graduate Division and the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) work together to promote student success and intercultural engagement. We offer social events, informational workshops, and consultations with the International Graduate Student Peer Advisor. We also encourage students to utilize the international student support groups at UCSB’s Counseling & Psychological Services, as well as 24/7 online support through the International Student Support Program.

Getting Started

Key People

Dee Dee Hong, International Graduate Peer Advisor

Other Graduate Division Staff and Peers

OISS Staff 
(Office of International Students and Scholars)

 International Graduate Student Resources

Career and Professional Development

UCSB is deeply committed to providing excellent career and professional development support to international graduate students. Students have direct access to over 100 annual professional development events provided by the Graduate Student Resource Center and Career Services. International grad students can also benefit from personalized career consultations, tutorials on OPT and CPT offered by OISS, the International Graduate Student Career Guide, and career exploration opportunities at the Beyond Academia conference.

Academic, Writing, and Teaching Services

UCSB offers a world-class education with specialized services to enrich the academic experiences of international students. Take advantage of our Graduate Academic Counselor Ryan Sims who offers one-on-one appointments and referrals to on-campus resources. The English for Multilingual Students program also provides courses in writing and oral skills for English language learners, and Instructional Development provides training to international teaching assistants on pedagogy and academic norms in the United States.

Funding and Financial Support

There is a range of campus funding support available for international graduate students, such as departmental block grants, teaching and researching assistantships, and on-campus employment. Extramural funding is available through academic fellowships, research grants, conference support, and more. When experiencing a financial crisis, students also have access to the Financial Crisis Response Team. The OISS Financial Resources page also features information and links to financial resources, including the International Student Award assists students who are experiencing economic hardship during the course of their studies at UCSB. Our Funding Peer Advisor also offers Finding Funding workshops that are specifically geared towards International Students which you can find on the GSRC Shoreline page. For reference, download a Sample Funding List for International Students to get an idea of funding opportunities. NOTE: Most offerings for international students are usually focused on the research and not degree program.

Tax Information for International Graduate Students

We've created a new tax resource page just for you! You'll find lots of information on:

  • GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP)

  • How to determine your tax residency status

  • What forms you'll need

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • And more!


Important Guidelines for International Students

As a UCSB international student, there are several things to be mindful of in order to maintain legal visa status and good academic standing:

Periodically check with your department’s Graduate Program Assistant regarding degree progress and course requirements. International graduate students must enroll in a minimum of 8 units per quarter, and some departments may require registration for more than 8 units.

Remember to bring your I-20 or DS-2019 to OISS for travel validation at least 2 business days before you leave the United States. Each travel signature is valid for up to 6 months.

International students can work on-campus up to 50% appointment time (not above 20 hours per week) during academic quarters, and full-time (100%) during the summer.

International students must have been enrolled as an F-1 student for a minimum of one academic year (9 months) to be eligible for off-campus employment.

As an international student, if you earn income from any source between January 1 and December 31 of a given calendar year, remember to file both Federal and State income tax returns on time. Tax information for International Graduate Students