Sharing your ideas with others is a key part of any career, from formal conference presentations and lectures to informal meetings or a chat in the elevator. You will have many opportunities to develop your oral presentation skills in grad school, including class presentations, TAing a course, conference presentations, and of course your thesis defense, so work on your techniques early and often.

Campus Resources


(Student Resource Building, Room 1215)

Graduate Student Resource Center 
Workshops and resources on both public speaking, presenting, teaching, and more.

UCSB Library

Reserve the Presentation Practice Room available ​to UCSB students, faculty, and staff. Located on the 1st Floor Mountain Side (​Room 1506), the space allows you to practice, refine, and record oral and multimedia presentations for classes and seminars, conferences, teaching preparation, Grad SlamLunch & Learn, thesis defenses, and other events. Learn more here.

UCSB Grad Slam

Our campus’ annual campuswide competition for the best 3-minute talk by a graduate student with cash prizes.

External Resources

Better Posters

A blog resource for improving poster presentations

Visualising Data

Tools for analysis, graphing, and enterprise