Writing is a fundamental component of any graduate program, and the Graduate Division is committed to supporting students in the development of strong writing skills and healthy writing habits.

The Graduate Division is happy to announce the hiring of Dr. Mia Nowotarski as the new Graduate Writing Specialist.

In her new role. Dr. Nowotarski will:

  • Provide one-on-one consultation to graduate students through appointments
  • Develop and lead workshops on a variety of writing topics of interest to graduate students and as requested by individual departments
  • Work collaboratively with other relevant campus units, such as the Office of Research, to identify opportunities for research development for graduate students
  • Consult with campus stakeholders to provide writing support to graduate students for specific purposes and projects
Dr. Mia Nowotarski

As she starts her new role, Dr. Nowotarski writes, “I'm passionate about offering comprehensive writing support and guidance for academic pursuits, professional documents, and scholarly applications, along with any additional assistance you might seek. Armed with a PhD in Chemistry from UCSB and honored as an NSF GRFP Fellow, I've honed my skills as a former student editor. With a focus on assisting individuals in refining their written works, I'm here to collaborate one-on-one, ensuring your content shines in clarity, coherence, and impact. Whether it's academic papers, fellowships applications, or grant proposals, let's work together to craft compelling narratives and polished documents that elevate your goals and aspirations.”

This vital service is a direct result of the collaboration between the Graduate Division and the Office of Research. Welcome aboard Dr. Nowotarski!

If you'd like to schedule a consultation with her, please fill out this scheduling form.

The Graduate Division also offers writing support in the following areas:

We would also like to highlight the following campus resources that are designed to support graduate student writing in various areas

UCSB Library

Librarians offer several workshops every quarter during the academic year on topics such as advanced search methods, managing citations and data, literature reviews, data analysis and visualization, and scholarly communication. You can view the Library Calendar page for the latest updates.

Instructional Development

In addition to pedagogy workshops, ID offers support for crafting certain materials for the academic job market such as teaching philosophy statements, teaching demos, and more. Check out their Teaching Assistant Workshops page for more information.

Other departments that offer writing-centered workshops and support for graduate students include:

Additionally, we recommend checking out the GSRC Shoreline Event page, as we are often listed as a co-host on writing-related events from other departments.