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Did you miss out on the Beyond Academia conference last month? Don't worry! You can attend Beyond the Professoriate's career conference, hosted online May 4 and 11! Th​is two-day event brings together panelists and presenters from a wide range of academic backgrounds and careers who will talk about working in non-faculty roles in a variety of jobs and careers.

By Daniel Elkin, Graduate Career Peer
Monday, April 1st, 2019 - 3:00pm

Did you miss out on Beyond Academia last ​month? Interested in a career ​outside of the academy? Want to learn how to make the transition from an academic career to a non-academic one, from the comfort of your couch? Then this conference is for you!

After acquiring a number of marketable skills throughout your graduate studies, you don't have to limit yourself to an academic job search. Beyond the Professoriate is hosting its 6th Annual Online Career Conference for ​graduate students on May ​4 and 1​1, 201​9, and you're invited to attend!

The conference is organized by two PhDs, Jennifer Polk, PhD (University of Toronto) and L. Maren Wood, PhD (UNC Chapel Hill), and consists of a series of one-hour live webinars that feature PhDs who now work in non-faculty careers.

Attend live: May ​4 and May 1​1, 2019, starting at 11 a.m. EST

Location: Online! Attend the conference via Zoom webinar

Video Replay: Watch all conference sessions on demand, May 15 until June 15, 2019

Ticket Price: Early Bird (ends April 15): $49 US + fees | Late Registration $59 US + fees

Who should attend: Graduate students, recent PhDs, postdocs, adjuncts, faculty members, and anyone else interested in learning about career options for PhDs.

What to expect: Two days of sessions facilitated by PhDs (Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM disciplines) employed beyond the professoriate in Canada and the United States. Typical attendees are STEM, Social Science, Humanities, and Education graduate students and postdocs. Over 600 people registered for the conference in 2018, and some participants attend multiple years in a row.

With your ticket, you can attend the conference live and ask questions of our speakers and panelists. The conference proceedings will be recorded and available to ticket-holders to watch during the replay period. You can access conference recordings until June 15th.

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