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Here is a great opportunity from the Linguistics Department for international graduate students to get detailed, tailored English-language academic writing help, while also receiving course credits. Sign up today!

By Julia McClenon, International Peer Advisor
Friday, January 17th, 2020 - 8:50am

Are you an international graduate student looking for English-language academic writing support this quarter? Randall Rightmire is teaching a short course that meets with students individually to work on second-language issues in graduate writing. Meetings are one-on-one with days and times arranged to suit students' schedules; the course is grades P/NP and carries two units of workload credit. Students must meet five times per quarter, one hour per meeting. The course has no regular class meetings, and students may tailor it to fit their schedules. The course is for second-language writers only, with preference given to those at advanced levels currently working on writing projects for courses/theses/dissertations/publishable papers.

E-mail Randall Rightmire directly or sign up on GOLD!