Chicanx Studies

Research Interests

My research focuses on exploring Latina sexuality through the lived experiences of undergraduate Latinas. I am pursuing an interdisciplinary, multi-method, and Chicana/Latina feminist inquiry into Latinas' sexuality in college through pláticas (bilingual conversational interviews) and critical ethnography. Two of my research questions are: How do Latinas perform their sexuality in academic spaces, extracurricular spaces, around campus, and in social scenes? And how do Latinas connect the ways they adorn their body, use their voice, and take up physical space to their sexuality? Ultimately, my scholarship is interested in interrogating aesthetics, community, and resistance using an intersectional lens.

Mentoring Experiences

Throughout my graduate studies, mentoring undergraduate students has been one of my favorite parts of being a graduate student. I have been fortunate to mentor more than 25 students in a one-on-one setting through the Transitioning to Academic Excellence (INT10) course where I have witnessed the positive impact spending 30 minutes weekly can have on a student's life. I have mentored students of diverse backgrounds, including ethnic, racial, gender, and class diversity. Using my own identities and experiences, I work to build a sense of trust between students and myself. I practice active listening and create a space for dialogue, which has allowed students to share their concerns relating to academics, health, and personal life with me. Their trust is critical because this allows me to connect them with relevant resources and we work collaboratively to develop effective solutions to address their concerns. This often results in positive academic performance and improved overall well-being.

Meaning of the Award

I feel incredibly honored to receive this award. As a first-generation student, I have experienced the transformational power of mentorship in my academic journey. I pursued a Ph.D. program because I had professors who saw my curiosities and provided me with the necessary resources to embark on this journey. My mentors were caring, kind, and committed to my success. As a mentor, I aim to provide a space where students also feel heard and cared for. Receiving this award is also deeply humbling and motivates me to continue seeking guidance and advice from my colleagues, mentors, and professors to grow and become a better mentor for all the students I work with. I am grateful to be recognized for my mentorship through this award and want to thank everyone that took the time to support my nomination.