Research Interests

My research focuses on the intersection of Interpersonal Communication and New Media. More specifically, I use mixed methods to study computer-mediated communication, text interaction, video game research, game-based learning, and social media.

Mentoring Experiences

I work to promote hands-on research, collaboration, and one-on-one mentoring for individuals enthusiastic about academic inquiry. The most rewarding part of mentoring is collaborating on projects together. I've had the opportunity to closely mentor 6 students who worked with me as collaborators on papers accepted for presentation at communication conferences in Puerto Rico, Japan, and San Diego. It’s been wonderful to show students how their class projects can move to real-world projects presented for an international academic audience.

What the Award Means to ​Her

Winning this award is amazing! I’ve always felt a great responsibility to inspire students to get more involved in research – not only so they can become educated citizens, but so they can plan their own research projects and become scholars in their own right. Winning the award is a happy bonus! It makes me feel like the time and energy I’ve invested in inspiring undergraduates isn’t only something that I find meaningful, but it’s also explicitly encouraged and valued by the University. It gives me a great feeling of pride and support from UCSB!​