Research Interests

I research British and Global Literature, with a special emphasis in literature and the environment and gender/queer theory. Presently, I'm completing a dissertation discussing representations of metamorphosis in twentieth-century fiction, discussing writers such as Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, Salman Rushdie, and Indra Sinha. These stories excite me because they speak to the anxieties as well as the opportunities that changes to our bodies and environments present.

Mentoring Experiences

Working as a Graduate Fellow for the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Program has been a transformational experience for me, as I have had the opportunity to work closely with over 30 high-performing and self-motivated English majors who are completing their capstone projects. I've seen these students' projects grow from acorns to oaks, and their final products are mighty oaks indeed. I'm proud to say that I've mentored students whose papers have already been accepted at top academic conferences, ​as well as students who have gone on to medical school, law school, and interesting careers in the creative professions.

What the Award Means to Him

I see this award as celebrating not just my own work in setting up and running this program, but also the work of the undergraduate fellows, who have amazed me with the tenacity, intellect, and endurance that they brought to their projects. These are exceptional, inspiring students, and I hope that their time in the Arnhold Program has been half as transformative and rewarding as it has been for me.