Corinna K Photo (1)

Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology

Research Interests

My research interests include improving the quality of children's mental health care and ensuring access to effective mental health services, particularly in community agencies. I value mixed-methods research design, and my work focuses on the implementation and dissemination of interventions that engage caregivers in their children's treatment. My hope is that by supporting both clinicians and caregivers, we enable them to better support children.  

Mentoring Experiences

Working with the undergraduate research assistants in the PADRES lab has been one of the most rewarding parts of graduate school. I am in constant awe of the students who come in, impassioned about the work we do and dedicated to increasing equity in access to effective mental health services. I feel incredibly fortunate to witness their growth as scholars, and it has been a great privilege to offer them guidance and to support their evolution as students, researchers, and future professionals. I am deeply gratified to consider a world in which the students I have worked with go on to shape the course of research and to inform the direction of scientific inquiry.

Meaning of the Award

I am honored to have received this award, and thankful that my advisor and the undergraduates I have worked with felt that I merited it. I know without question that the only reason I am developing as a researcher is because of the amazing mentorship I receive from my graduate advisor, and I hope to keep supporting students in the ways she has supported me. I entered academia to conduct research that would reshape mental health services such that they are effective and accessible for all populations. These goals require a diverse and expansive array of researchers dedicated to similar aims, and I plan to have an academic career where I can continue to mentor students who are similarly dedicated to this work.