Jeffrey Bowen

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Research Interests

My research is all about how romantic partners exercise self-control in their relationships in order to make them last. More specifically, I study how partners resist temptation whenever they encounter conflicts of interest in their relationships. This can include things like opportunities to commit infidelity, interpersonal conflict, and even making sacrifices when it might seem easier and more rewarding (in the short-term) to act selfishly.

Mentoring Experiences

Mentoring undergraduates is a responsibility I take very seriously, but also something I find extraordinarily rewarding. For me, one primary goal is to expose my undergraduates to research as a process. I want them to understand that the finished product they learn about in their courses is the result of tireless effort and rigorous adherence to scientific principles. That said, I also want them to experience the process firsthand as dynamic, authentic, and legitimately fun. The biggest challenge that motivates me is in positioning my students to discover that the projects they're working on offer real insights that they can apply to their own lives. I want them to have the eye-opening experience that I had which motivated me to pursue research at the graduate level.

What the Award Means to Him

This award is incredibly meaningful to me. I feel that as a graduate student, many things that could contribute to one's success are outside one's direct control. With mentorship, what you put in truly translates to what you get out. To me, this award means that the relationships I've formed with my students and the open and collegial atmosphere live sought to foster in my lab group are being valued in a wonderful way. It means my students' growth is happening in parallel with my own.