Psychological & Brain Sciences

Research Interests

My research uses social psychological theory to explain why people engage in harmful behaviors. Specifically, I investigate how the self-concept can be both a barrier to and motivator for certain health and pro-environmental behaviors such as reduced alcohol consumption or greater water conservation behaviors.

Mentoring Experiences

Mentoring is a way for me to engage with undergraduates and bring them into the world of research, as well as an avenue for me to learn how to be a better researcher, leader, and future academic. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with over 30 undergraduate research assistants over the last 5 years. By far, the most rewarding part is being able to help these students reach their personal goals. I have had undergraduates win awards for their honors theses, get accepted into graduate schools, and start their ideal jobs after graduation. Seeing their happiness at their own successes inspires me to continue to help undergraduates reach their dreams. For me, every student brings a challenge as I tailor my mentoring to their own goals and aspirations. This often requires me to go beyond my own knowledge and expertise to give them the resources they need to succeed.

What the Award Means to Him

I am honored to win this award. I know that many of my accomplishments are the result of the mentors I have had over ​the years. To be recognized as an effective mentor myself means the world to me as I know that I am doing my best to honor the time and effort of those who helped me by helping the next generation of students.​