Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research Interests

My research centers around modeling neuronal fibers in the human brain as three-dimensional geometrical objects. By understanding the structural connectivity and function of the brain, we can gain insights into neurological disorders like Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and tumors. Additionally, I am investigating the impact of brain surgery on patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus to evaluate the effectiveness of shunt surgery. In our research, we use advanced imaging techniques like diffusion tensor imaging and computed tomography, along with artificial intelligence, to quantitatively study the brain. This approach goes beyond qualitative methods and opens new possibilities for advancements in computational pathology related to different neuronal disorders.

Mentoring Experiences

Motivated by my mentors and my aspiration to cultivate collaborative learning environments, I have dedicated significant effort to mentoring students at various educational stages, including those in pre-college and master's programs. It has been rewarding to watch my mentees develop research skills and become independent in the lab, pursuing their own ideas, and continuing their research careers in graduate school. I take great pride in the recent achievements of my REU students, our collaborative efforts have resulted in co-authored papers that we have successfully submitted to two high-impact journals. One challenge that I face as a mentor is finding time to accommodate the busy schedules of undergraduate students who are actively involved in a wide range of academic and non-academic activities. Despite this challenge, I am continually impressed by how my mentees have been able to effectively handle their workload and produce fruitful research outcomes.

Meaning of the Award

Winning the Fiona and Michael Goodchild award is a great honor for me! This award recognizes my dedication to mentoring and boosts my confidence. Over the years, I have received immense support and encouragement from my mentors at UCSB. As a woman in STEM, the availability and support of my mentors has made a huge impact on my journey. I continue to pay this back by mentoring other women in STEM, sharing my personal experiences with them to foster a supportive mentor-mentee relationship. I am grateful to the UCSB Graduate Division and Fiona and Michael Goodchild for this award.